forest again

In thinking about the natural world, the mystery and wonder, power and threat of this world which we participate in and constantly alter, I turn to the unexpected in color, and to historical portrayals of nature. Often these portrayals spring from a very different cultural moment, and from very different responses to the natural world.  This piece, like many of the recent works is influenced by the vision of the rococo artists Francois Boucher and Fragonard, in their portrayals of nature.  In general terms both of them seem to see the natural world much like the gardens of their patrons, as sunny, verdant places where Gods, demi-gods, women and men, can court and seduce and play with each other.  I am intrigued by this positive vision of the natural world, even as I eliminate the frolicking figures, and recontextualize and repopulate parts of the scenery with the tropical and unexpected colors.  The world around us, the forest outside our windows. Image